Friday, July 17, 2009

Assistant Manager Computer Aided Manufacturing for a Prestegious Turbine & Generator Manufacturing Company

Division: Manufacturing Engineering Group
Section :CAM
Qualification:BE / BTech-Mechanical / Production, Computer Engineering with CAM
Work Experience:6 Years for BE / BTech, 12 Years for Diploma
Preferred Industries: 1.Turbines - Generator manufacturers 
                                        2. Automobile Engines manufacturer 
                                        3. Machine Tools 
                                        4. Metal molding & die production 
                                        5. Large Machinery Manufacturing 
                                        6. Air craft parts manufacturer
Job profile:CAM Group ensures that technology is available to fulfill the manufacturing requirements, introduce new processing/ manufacturing technology, promote new equipment construction and renewal of existing equipment, providing manufacturing infrastructure etc.,
Job specific mandatory requirement:Experience in technical service and direction of manufacturing process for the line of factory product. Development and provision of Numerical Control Program. Should not only be having the knowledge of CAM but also be able to apply this knowledge in machining.

Srikanth Nyshadham