Friday, July 17, 2009

AM- Machining- Blade & Nozzle for a Prestegious Turbine & Generator Manufacturing Company

Division: Manufacturing
Department:Processing Technology
Section :Blade & Partition Machining
Qualification:BE / BTech-Mechanical / Production, Diploma-Mechanical
Work Experience:6 Years for BE / BTech, 12 Years for Diploma
Preferred Industries: 1.Turbines - Generator manufacturers 
                                        2. Automobile Engines manufacturer 
                                        3. Metal molding & die production 
                                        4. Large Machinery Manufacturing 
                                        5. Air craft parts manufacturer
Job profile:Processing Technology Group forms the center for precision machining, specific processing technology, NC processing technology and carries outs the inspection and research & development. Mid-term and long term overall planning and promotion, installation
Job specific mandatory requirement:Should have expertise in machining in CNC Machine. Experience in machining of blade & nozzle partition as well as finishing works relating to polishing of blade and nozzle partition of STG is desirable.

Srikanth Nyshadham