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Vice President HR - Power Plants Operations Division


  • Implement the HR practices of the organisation in the vertical 
  • Suggest changes in the policies – specifically to his / her areas of operations.


  1. Responsible for the implementation of HR policies and processes in his/her domain.
  2. Bring to the notice of HR –process the issues in implementing and get them addressed.
  3. Inform Special requirements in his / her domain and provide the suggestions or alternative for consideration.
  4. Responsible for Recruitment, retention and development of people in his / her vertical. 
  5. Conduct the induction programs for new recruits.
  6. Get the JD/PD of all the positions in the structure, review after six months of working of the new recruit.
  7. Implement the PMS as per the guidelines and in time.
  8. Analyze the training and development of the people in the vertical and forward the same to corporate HR.
  9. Conduct Specific requirement training for the verticals.
  10. Conduct the wage and salary survey periodically and give the feed back to the Corporate HR.
  11. Update to HR with local IR issues and other local issues to prevent the same in the organisation.


  • Decisions with in the laid down policies of the company.
  • Selection of candidates – up to the level as per policy.
  • Conducting Programs with in the budgets.
  • Nominating for training and development.
  • Recommend Promotions as per the policies. 


  • Manages the team of 5 senior (GM) specialists
  • Responsible for harmonious relation with the contract labor.
  • Ensures all contractors work with the rules and regulation of law.
  • Maintain Cordial relations with Factory inspectorate, Environment, ESIC, PF etc   authorities

 Functional expertise

  • Must have in-depth knowledge of HR practices, Interventions, Company policies                
  • Must have good understanding of local variants in the HR market.

 Span of control- width & depth

  • Specialist in HR field, good understanding of labor laws, work contracts etc.  
  • Lead team of 5 GM specialized in various sections of HR.

  • All decisions in the local area HR issues with in the policies and procedures defined by the company.

  • Reports to HEAD-HR
  • Administratively reports to Project head /Operation Head.

  • Directly responsible to five senior GM level team.

Independence of Operations
  • Works with in the policies and procedures of the company.

Minimum Requirements
  • Post Graduate in Business Management with HR specialization.

Work Experience 

  • Around 20 years of experience.
  • At least five years as Head / Dy Head of HR in a Power Company
  • Good understanding of Labour laws, statutory compliance's.


  • Employee Turn over.
  • Recruitment lead Time 
  • Full and Final settlement time.
  • Timely completion of all the HR processes like PMS Etc.
  • Timely & appropriate Induction and completion of formalities for new employees with a specified time.
  • Employee satisfaction level 


  • Good leader – communication and Inter personal skills
  • Task master with result orientation.
  • Business Focus 
  • Attention to details, Analytic and a good negotiator.

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