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Monday, October 26, 2015

Head - Mechanical (GM-Design) - Thermal Power Plants

  • This position is responsible for leading, providing technical guidance and necessary support for the Engineering team to provide the required deliverables as per the requirement of entire power plants in operation. To support Head – Engineering Resource Centre enabling him for smooth functioning of Engineering Resource Centre department
  • Engineering Coordination , Progress Monitoring, to attend Engineering Resource Centre  related meetings in the absence of Head – Engineering Resource Centre / along with him

Strategy Responsibilities
1. Guiding for Design and Detail Engineering activities of the Mechanical department which includes man hour estimation and assessment of man power requirement, team formation for various job requirements, plan the activities for the team, to monitor the work progress of each team to ensure the deliverables are released within stipulated time.
2. To support ENGINEERING RESOURCE CENTRE -HOD by making necessary arrangements for preparation of engineering deliverables, status report, technical reports as required by the management
3. To support ENGINEERING RESOURCE CENTRE -HOD by providing necessary data’s and information during Vendor/Consultant review meetings, project progress monitoring and project reviewing and management review meetings.
4. To guide and motivate team members in accomplishing the following
Finalising the design criteria, preparation/review of technical specifications, technical evaluation of bids, finalise the contract specifications until issue of the order.
Ensure accuracy in design and adherence to schedule by the contractor by carrying out the review of engineering documents and monitoring the progress.
Attending Design Review meetings, O &M/Project review meetings as per requirement.
Ensure technical interface matching with other disciplines.
Timely resolution of technical problems arising during construction.
.       Timely resolution of technical problems arising during construction.

5. Provide detailed engineering services w.r.t. O&M/ Project requirements and accomplishing the following :
Adherence to schedule
Preparation and approval of  DBRs
Release of RFC drawings
6. Checking and cross verifying of Estimated BOQ’s for competitive pricing and execution within budgets
7. Resolving technical issues/problems reported from site during construction, operation and proposing alternative methods and issue design changes.

Tactical Responsibilities
8. To escalate all unresolved issues to Head Engineering beyond the specified period
9. To decide on external agencies/experts for doing specialist studies in O&M related issues and give timely solutions.

Operations Responsibilities
10. To facilitate timely release of MIS reports to Head-Engineering Resource Centre.
11. Ensure Timely completion of PMS related process with clearly identified PDs, KRAs & KPIs, performance appraisal for self and subordinates
12. Recruitment, evaluation of competency level of the team and continually enhancing the quality and optimization of human resources necessary for execution of Engineering Resource Centre responsibilities.
13. Identify training and development needs of the team members and plan their training and development and follow up implementation.

     Head Engineering
Projects /O&M and PMG /Railways/Mining/water infrastructure groups
Respective counterparts in  All operating plants



       Will be reporting to Head Engineering.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Officer - Environment Control

 Job Description
Accountable for Establishing Environmental Management System and ensuring the project execution in an environmental friendly manner.   
  • Plan a waste management strategy for the construction phase of the project and identifies the roles and responsibilities for Companies/Contractors storage and disposal controls.
  • The ECO shall advise HSE Manager on environmental issues and conditions that are likely to result in environmental health problems.
  • Shall comply with Environmental legislation and other environmental best practices.
  • ECO shall maintain the waste management records (where applicable).
  • He shall be the focal point for liaison with government bodies for all Environment related matters.
  • Responsibilities include monitor, review, maintenance of inventory records, etc.
  • Maintain a register of Contractors nominated Waste Management Controller.
  • Shall advise site management on
  • Construction / Domestic Waste Management
  • Hazardous Substance Management
  • Soil Management
  • Construction Water Run-off
  • Storm Water Management
  • Surface Discharge
  • Sewerage And Sanitary Effluent
  • Chemical Cleaning Waste Management
  • Waste Oil Management
  • Ad-Hoc Waste Management
  • Emergency Contingency Plan
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Reduce intolerable risk to tolerable risk by employing hierarchy of control measures i.e. elimination, isolation, engineering controls, admin controls.
  • To provide quality trainings to all workmen at site
  • Facilitate working in an environmental friendly manner without compromising on HSE aspects while ensuring construction work meets scheduled targets.
Educational Qualifications & Certifications
  • Engineering Graduate – Environment or Similar
  • Adequate Experience in overseas EPC Projects
  • Advance diploma in industrial safety recognised by Labour institute / NEBOSH
  • Lead Auditor for EMS Management Systems

Relevant (Functional/Level) & Total Years of Experience
  • Environmental Control officer  having about 7 to 10 yrs. experience in executing EPC projects in Steel / Hydrocarbon industries.
Functional Skills 
  • Hazard Identification and Risk assessment
  • Carrying out Environmental audits and report writing.
  • Training to construction workers (in local language) and Line managers.
Behavioural Skills:
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to influence groups.   
  • Committed to prevent incidents which might result in injury to personnel, damage to equipment and harm to environment.

Srikanth Nyshadham +91-98665-06729