Monday, December 2, 2013

Head Quality- Power Station

  • To systemize the efforts in the areas of (engineering), manufacturing, erection, commissioning and operation for building up high reliability and operational availability of the fossil fuel (Thermal) Power plants.
  • To encourage reliance on the principles of quality control than on final inspection and testing.

Job Description
  • To set up Quality Assurance Department at Corporate Office and Project sites.
  • Identification of QA system requirements for manufacturing and field installation of equipment.
  • Review of technical specifications with respect to quality requirements.
  • Evaluation of Quality Assurance Programme including the quality Organisation of the bidders.
  • Review of contractor’s/ manufacturer’s QA programme.
  • Assist in the development of Quality Assurance programmes by the contractors in such cases where the contractors do not have detailed quality assurance programme of their own.
  • Quality Surveillance for monitoring the implementation status of the systems and procedures with respect to management of quality by contractor/ supplier.
  • Audit during operation with regard to adherence to the approved operation and maintenance procedure by the operation and maintenance staff.
  • Analyze feedback information from operating plants and update inspection and other check lists, procedures, etc.
  • Identifying the training needs in the area of Quality Systems, welding, NDE, etc.
  • To organize a group to carry out failure analysis of components, material during manufacturing, erection, operation and maintenance.
  • To implement the best practices on quality with appropriate tools, procedures and processes.
  • To generate and improve the knowledge base of Quality practices.
  • To ensure the recruitment of a Corporate Quality Assurance(QA) team and the inspection team.
  • To ensure the training of adequate number of Quality inspectors. The inspection team shall be posted at sites after proper training by the Corporate QA team.
  • To provide guidance in preparation and implementation of the Quality plan.
  • To generate Quality reporting formats and procedures.
  • To identify and pre qualify the reputed and reliable third party Quality agencies.
  • To Visit Site(s) for inspection / supervise to ensure that the policies are being implemented and suggest alternate method(s), processes etc, as required.
  • To ensure that the Quality objectives are part of the Contract and clearly specify the hold points.
  • To interact with the Contractors/ Vendors for submission of their Quality Assurance Plan, review the plan and ensure all our requirements are met.
  • To Introduce automation for the total processes
  • To design and define the audit processes for continual improvement of Quality (The audit shall be done on the contractor’s works, both product and process).
  • To ensure that trainings/ Quality awareness programs are conducted regularly.
  • To identify the non conformance's, suggest perfect technical solutions and close the NCR.
  • To prepare MIS on Audit findings, pending NCRs, the status of major NCRs and the action plan for Corrective Action.
  • To escalate the critical or contractually disputed NCRs to top management in the quickest possible time.
  • To review the existing system continuously, suggest for amendments and preventive measures.

  • To identify a problem and offer solutions in the area of Quality Management
  • Reviewing and finalization of Quality Plans
  • Carrying out Quality Audits on manufacturers, project sites and on any other operations as appropriate
  • Decision making for resolving any Quality issues
  • Approval of expenditure incurred by the department at the Corporate office
  • Sanctioning of leaves of the team at Corporate office

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • 20 years of experience in the area of manufacturing, erection, maintenance of Thermal Power Station with full exposure to Quality Systems at least for 8 years
  • Additionally knowledge of welding/ metallurgy with Non Destructive Exams requirements is required.
  • Knowledge/ exposure to various International Standards and practices.