Friday, July 17, 2009

AM- Diaphragm Welding for a Prestegious Turbine & Generator Manufacturing Company

Division: Manufacturing
Department:Welding Technology
Section :Blade & Partition Machining
Designation: Assistant Manager
Qualification:BE / BTech-Mechanical / Production, Diploma-Mechanical
Work Experience:6 Years for BE / BTech, 12 Years for Diploma
Preferred Industries:  1.Turbines - Generator manufacturers 
                                          2. Ship Building 
                                          3. Large Machinery Manufacturing 
                                          4. Air craft parts manufacturer
Job profile:Exposure in MAG Welding and Fillet Welding work. Fabrication and welding technology for low pressure casing ,big turbine welding part, stator flame, steam valve and controller device
Job specific mandatory requirement:Should have expertise in fabrication and welding technology of nozzle diaphragm, manufacturing technology for parts of nozzle diaphragm parts like spacer, inner and outer washer, assembly and final inspection of nozzle diaphragm welding. Knowledge about welding

Srikanth Nyshadham