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GM – HR (Systems & Policies Design)

Purpose & Scope 
  • To organise and develop Structures for various Divisions, Departments involving the concerned persons and then submit for approvals.
  • Draw the broad frame work for developing the organisation structure.
  • To design / develop HR processes for all the key HR Systems.
  • To develop HR policies, rules and procedures for the organisation.
  • Plan for the total Computerization  of all employees data from selection to leaving the organisation

Key Activities
  • To prepare the Organisation Structures for various Divisions, Departments and section in coordination with the concerned people and submit for the approvals.
  • To Orgnise for the Job Description (Position description) for all the positions, review and get them approved by the Concerned Head.

 To review , make improvements and  submit / recommend processes for
  • Recruitment &selection
  • Induction
  • Performance Management systems.
  • Designing Compensation & Benefits plans
  • Assessment and development process
  • Promotion Policies.
  • Training programs & Schedules
  • Rewards & recognition
  • Pay for performance schemes
  • Exit Interviews

  • Prepares broad plans and schedules for annual activities and other time bound activities – to be implemented by the implementation
  • Reviews the systems ,processes and policies with changing external and Internal environment and submits for approvals 
  • Organizes preparation of  HR Policies Manual , reviews and improves and then submits for the approvals
  • Gathers information’s on the practices and latest trends in industry.
  • Initiates new HR interventions in keeping with the needs of the organisation.

Decision Making 

  • Most of the time reviews and organizes to prepare the process and policies   
    .Ultimate deciding authority is with seniors.
  • Works under Risk situation – where consequences are known.
  • Decides on the interpretation of systems and policies.
  • Takes decisions at times on policies and systems to meet the situations arising suddenly

Reports Received & Prepared  

  • Dimensions Policies and Systems affect All Employees, in other words whole organisations. Hence consequences are high impact, financially as well intangibles like the motivation, commitment, engagement of the employees.

Functional expertise
  • Must have good understanding of all the aspects of HR practices, interventions .Must have good domain knowledge in at least two other functions .General understanding of other functions.

Working conditions
  • Works mostly in offices, occasional travels to various sites, projects and offices to get first hand information about the environment. Also to explain the policies and systems to key members in projects and sites.

Work Relationships (Levels)

  • With all the top management team, Functional heads ,department heads across the organisation

  • Contact with Professional bodies and Compatriots in HR in other industries to understand the systems and policies in other organisation.
  • Keeps in touch with the practices of competitors /similar industry practices.

Minimum Requirements 
  • Should be post graduate in HR specialization.
  • Engineering Back ground with   HR is advantage.

Work Experience
  • Around 20 years of experience
  • Must have worked as head HR in a medium size industry.
  • Good knowledge of all aspects of HR systems and HR policies

  • Strong Business Focus
  • Excellent Communication, Listening and Empathetic.
  • Self motivated with ability to mentor , guide ,motivate, develop a team
  • Environment and manage change
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the best of HR systems ,HR Policies
  • Thorough knowledge of Budgeting, financial analysis and Cost Control practices,

 Key Result Areas (KRA's) 
  • Initially preparing the policies ,Policies reviewed / re framed
  • New policies made
  • Employee satisfaction index with reference to policies, systems.
  • Lead time in various processes.

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